All on 4 implant is one of the new generation Implant types. It’s used for patients who have no teeth in their mouths. It was created for people who don’t want to use dentures or whose mouth structure isn’t suitable for dentures. With this method, the person will have new teeth in a few sessions without going to the dentist frequently. It has similar aspects to the traditional implant. All on 4 implant Kusadasi is a permanent tooth option with a natural appearance that can be applied to patients who have lost all their teeth for any reason.

All On 4 Implant Procedure

For all on 4 dental implant, first of all, our specialist dentist at Park Dental Clinic conducts your clinical and radiological examination in detail.
Then, your measurements are made on computerized tomography (CT), and proper planning is done for you.
The all on 4 procedure consists of two different stages as prosthesis and surgical procedures.
All on four dental implants are placed in your mouth by your treatment day planning.
On the same day, your temporary dental prosthesis is fixed on your implants, and after a few months, your permanent implants are made.

All On 4 Implant Advantages

The cost of all on 4 implants in Kusadasi Turkey is much more affordable. Compared to traditional methods, all on four implants are much more economical.
The procedure is speedy. Thanks to the 45 degree inclined implants, you don’t need a long time-consuming bone graft procedure.
The procedure is exceptionally healthy. Since it doesn’t interfere with the natural structure of your body and bones, the process doesn’t have any negative effects on your general health.
You will recover quickly after treatment. With the all on 4 implant, you will get used to your new teeth on the day of the procedure. Your functions such as speaking, eating and drinking will return to their former health from the first day.
Since titanium alloys are used in the procedure, it’s 100% compatible with the natural structure of your bone.
It will maintain its strength for many years.

Things to Consider After All On 4 Implants

You should not consume any food until a few hours after the procedure. You should not consume extremely cold or hot foods on the first day.
After the procedure, you should put pressure on the implant area with a tampon for coagulation to occur and for your bleeding to stop. For this, you can choose a soft and sterile tampon. Our dentist will show you detailed information about it and apply it.
It’s normal to see blood in your mouth during the first day after treatment. However, it would be best to be careful not to spit and rinse your mouth during this process. It would be best to brush your teeth or gargle on the procedure day.