Aesthetic Filling in Kusadasi

Aesthetic Filling in Kusadasi

What is aesthetic filling?

The aesthetic filling material is composite. It is malleable, hardened by halogen light and chemically bonded to the tooth. The subject of this article is: Aesthetic Filling in Kusadasi and cost, prices.

Why are aesthetic filling applications needed?

Today, the aim is that the applied dental treatments are both visually and functionally satisfactory. For this reason, the main goal is that the fillings made are in the form of natural teeth in terms of shape and color, the boundaries of the filling are not clear, and the person cannot distinguish the filling from his own tooth.

Are aesthetic fillings durable?

Despite the belief that metal fillings are more durable and functional in previous years, the material content has been strengthened with the developing technology, and a much longer-lasting, aesthetic and healthy structure has been achieved from metal fillings.

Do aesthetic fillings have a lifespan?

With routine oral care, deformation does not occur in aesthetic fillings, there is no gap or leakage in the fillings. In your controls between 6 months and 1 year, your aesthetic fillings are taken care of, their polishes are renewed and they are made to last much longer. In short, the life of the filling is related to the oral care of the person.

Is it necessary to change aesthetic fillings over time?

No, as long as your teeth are routinely taken care of, it is not necessary to change the aesthetic filling if there is no decay detected in the tooth.

What is the resistance of aesthetic fillings, do they protect the teeth?

Since it is closer to the hardness of our natural teeth and chemically bonds to the teeth, it is more protective against possible breakage in the tooth.

Can I replace my black (amalgam) fillings with aesthetic fillings?

You can replace your amalgam fillings with aesthetic fillings in a single session.

Should I have aesthetic filling or porcelain veneer?

We are in favor of preserving the natural structure of the tooth as much as possible. First of all, it is evaluated to what extent the teeth that are unstable due to large decays or fractures can be strengthened with aesthetic filling. Thanks to the developments in composite technology, most of the teeth that needed porcelain veneer in the past are now maintained for many years only with filling.

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