With the dental bridge in Turkey, you can reach the teeth you dream of very quickly. The dental bridge in Kusadasi Turkey is both very convenient and highly effective. If you are wondering about the dental bridge procedure in Kusadasi Turkey

A dental bridge is a type of dental prosthesis that you can prefer in case of tooth loss. You may choose this procedure if you have missing teeth and tooth gaps in the alignment of your teeth. Thanks to this application, the parts where you have tooth loss are filled with bridge teeth. With dental bridge treatment, your teeth are lined up perfectly. The permanence of the dental bridge in Turkey is quite long, and your tooth sensitivity is eliminated with this method. The dental bridge procedure is completed, on average, in two sessions.

How is A Dental Bridge Made in Turkey?

The first step in a dental bridge procedure in Turkey is to assess the need for restorative treatment to replace your missing teeth and whether a dental bridge is the best option. Your dentist will generally examine your problem area and take X-rays of your jaw to understand the situation and make the best decision fully. You will discuss possible options with your dentist, including the type and design of the bridge, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. Most dental bridges are based on healthy teeth on either side of the cavity, known as abutment teeth.

dental bridge in kusadasi turkey

Local anaesthesia is applied to ensure your comfort throughout this procedure. As a first step, your dentist will shape your abutment teeth into a suitable shape for the bridge to fit. The second step for a dental bridge in kusadasi Turkey is to make the permanent dental bridge ready for fitting. Once again, your dentist will administer a local anaesthetic to increase your comfort. Before placing your permanent dental bridge, your dentist will remove the temporary bridge and, if necessary, clean your underlying teeth. The dentist then uses dental adhesive to secure the dental bridge to your abutment teeth. In this way, dental bridge treatment ends in Turkey.

How Long Does a Bridge Teeth Last?

Oral and dental hygiene is directly related to the life of bridge teeth. In general, bridge teeth can last for 15-20 years, but this period will vary from person to person.

How Long Does a Newly Made Dental Bridge Pain Last?

There may be minimal pain and sensitivity after a newly made dental bridge. Symptoms such as dental bridge pain are temporary and disappear within a few days.

Are Bridge Dentists Satisfied?

Those who have bridge teeth are generally very satisfied with this treatment. Because with this treatment method, there will be both visual and functional improvements. Those who have a dental bridge also state that their bite problems have entirely disappeared.

Are There Any Dental Bridge Damages?

As in every dental application, there may be side effects in the dental bridge, albeit rarely. However, the dental bridge process is generally a successful method.