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Zirconium Teeth in Kusadasi

Zirconium Teeth in Kusadasi

What is Zirconium (Zirconia) Teeth The element Zirconium, a white hard metal, is used in dentistry as “zirconia (zirconium dioxide)”. It is a biocompatible material with very high fracture resistance. It is also a suitable choice for patients who are allergic to metal elements such as nickel-titanium. This article subject is : Zirconium Teeth in […]

Laminate Teeth in Kusadasi

Laminate Teeth in Kusadasi

What is Porcelain Laminate Teeth? It means leaf in Latin. It is the method where only the anterior surfaces of the teeth are thinned by 0.3-0.7 mm without cutting, and the healthy tooth tissue is lost the least. Laminate Teeth in Kusadasi This is the process of bonding porcelain dental laminates to the thinned area. […]

Aesthetic Filling in Kusadasi

Aesthetic Filling in Kusadasi

What is aesthetic filling? The aesthetic filling material is composite. It is malleable, hardened by halogen light and chemically bonded to the tooth. The subject of this article is: Aesthetic Filling in Kusadasi and cost, prices. Why are aesthetic filling applications needed? Today, the aim is that the applied dental treatments are both visually and […]

Endodontics Kusadasi

root canal treatment in kusadasi

When it comes to the endodontic treatment, generally root canal treatment comes to mind. Among the tooth treatment operations, the most frightening treatment is generally root canal treatment. Today, the root canal treatment is realized in a single session in the live teeth and generally in two sessions in the teeth losing their aliveness. Endodontics […]

Prosthesis Kusadasi

Prosthesis kusadasi

What is prosthesis? If you lose one or more of your teeth, you know how significantly this situation affects your oral health, aesthetic and your speech. The prostheses return you what you have lost. In how many groups are prostheses categorized? We can evaluate the prostheses in two separate classes as fixed and moving prostheses. […]

What are Dental Implants

Dental Implants Turkey kusadasi

A dental implant is a titanium screw system to which a prosthesis is placed in cases of a missing tooth. Dental implants placed in the jawbone serve as a substitute for the tooth root.  In cases of a single missing tooth, it is possible to replace the missing tooth without touching the adjacent healthy teeth, […]

All On Four Kusadasi

All on Four implant in kusadasi

Patients with no teeth in the mouth have problems speaking and chewing food properly. This can cause other health problems. If you have difficulty in using dentures that are impractical and cause constant discomfort, the All on 4 implant technique will be a good treatment option. The All On Four Kusadasi implant technique is an […]

Digital Smile Design in Kusadasi

digital smile design turkey cost

It takes an average of 2 sessions to complete the design and show it to you in the mouth. Impressions of your teeth are taken during the first session. During the follow-up session, the digitally created design is presented to you in your mouth using an application named “Mock Up”. The treatment process begins in […]

Teeth Whitening in kusadasi

kusadasi dental white

Get teeth whitening treatment in Kuşadasi to smile with confidence we are here for you at Park Dental Clinic. You can whiten your teeth with laser in 1-2 hour quick sessions at Dental Implant Kusadasi clinics, or you can do it at home with your specially prepared whitening kit.If your teeth are sensitive, you can […]

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