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Get teeth whitening treatment in Kuşadasi to smile with confidence we are here for you at Park Dental Clinic.

You can whiten your teeth with laser in 1-2 hour quick sessions at Dental Implant Kusadasi clinics, or you can do it at home with your specially prepared whitening kit.If your teeth are sensitive, you can have white teeth without sensitivity with Bio Whitening technology.In our daily life, our habits such as coffee, tea and cigarettes change the color of our teeth. That’s why many people are not happy with their smile. The result obtained by whitening treatment allow them to make peace with their smile.

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Best place to get teeth whitened in Kusadasi?

Teeth whitening in Kusadasi is a highly effective way to whiten your teeth.

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening also called power whitening is a teeth whitening procedure performed at dental or aesthetic clinics. A gum protection appliance is placed in the mouth and a bleaching agent is painted on the teeth. A laser beam is focused on the chemical to activate the chemical bleaching agent and to whiten teeth. The treatment usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes. Some patients may need to repeat the procedure once or twice.

How many types of teeth whitening methods are there?

1. Home teeth whitening2. Office Type (in clinical setting) teeth whitening3. Single tooth whitening (whitening the inside of the tooth)4. Combined teeth whitening (Both home and office whitening)5. Biological (in clinical setting) teeth whitening

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how much teeth whitening cost?

Professional teeth whitening cost ranges anywhere from €100 to €300 (charges vary between dentists and cities) for full teeth whitening treatment . While this is more expensive than at-home teeth whitening kits, many prefer professional teeth whitening since they feel it provides better results.

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The most expensive (and most effective) method for whitening teeth is a laser whitening treatment, which costs (on average) around €100 to €300.

What is the most effective teeth whitening method?

The most effective teeth whitening method is combined whitening.

How is the home teeth whitening method applied?

Personalized whitening plates are prepared by measuring inside the mouth. A certain amount of whitening gel (10-15% carbamide peroxide) is applied to this prepared plate.

How long does home teeth whitening take?

It is a treatment that lasts an average of 10-15 days, using the plaque for at least 4-6 hours during the day.

How much gel do I need to put in the plate?

The point to be considered in home-type teeth whitening is not to apply the gel too much, otherwise the gel overflowing from the plaque will irritate the gums. In such a case, the gums should be washed immediately and a cream containing vitamin E should be applied to the irritated surface.

What is in-office teeth whitening?

It is a teeth whitening method applied in the clinic. It is a suitable method for patients with time constraints. It provides an effective whitening in a much shorter time. The whitening gel applied on the teeth by the dentist is activated with the help of UV light or laser and the whitening takes an average of 1 hour. It is also known as laser teeth whitening method.

What is combined type whitening?

It is a teeth whitening method that is applied both in the office and at home. After it is applied in the office or clinic, the process is supported with home bleaching for 2-3 days.

What is biological teeth whitening?

It is a whitening method that not only whitens the teeth, but also repairs the tooth enamel and thus does not cause sensitivity.

Are there any harm or side effects of teeth whitening?

Whitening methods other than lifeless teeth (with root canal treatment) may cause sensitivity in the teeth, albeit a little. This tooth sensitivity; may be against the weather, very hot-cold foods and drinks. This is a normal and expected side effect. Tooth sensitivity is usually expected to pass within 24-48 hours. When an unexpected situation is encountered, a doctor should be consulted.

How long does it take for teeth to whiten?

Teeth whitening varies from person to person. Average whitening time is 2-3 weeks. The more yellowing the teeth are, the more effective the whitening can be. Graying caused by the use of antibiotics is more difficult to whiten and it may take a longer time to reach the result.

Is the effect of teeth whitening permanent?

After bleaching, the color starts to disappear over time. This period varies depending on the patient’s use of colored liquids (tea, coffee, wine, cola) and smoking. It takes between 6 months and 1 year. If it is supported with 1 or 2 sessions every 4-6 months, teeth whitening is made permanent.

What should I pay attention to when whitening my teeth?

During bleaching, colored liquids such as tea, coffee, wine, cola and tobacco products should be avoided.

How are the teeth white?

Teeth whitening is the process of removing colored organic and inorganic substances formed in the porous enamel structure on the surface of the teeth with tooth whitening gels (carbemide peroxide).

What is laser teeth whitening?

The laser teeth whitening method is used to activate the whitening drug applied to the enamel surfaces and to shorten the time.

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